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This is my thesis project which is to protect the seabirds from the ocean pollution. I grew up with a lot of pets because I like animals a lot. But one day I realized that my love for the animals needed to expand from the level of just love, to assuring their well being. After I watched a video showing a small albatross mistaking trash for food and starving to death, I decided to help animals in trouble by doing what I can, which is using design to communicate the story.
Beach Buddy Foundation Video

Early Research

Potential Questions

Discussion with Potential Audiences

Discussion Report

Every single life matters.
We stopped by a beautiful beach on the way to San Diego during summer break. We found a bird tied by fishing line. It was quite smart, because it called for help to two horses, but when people got closed to it and tried to help, it ran away because it was scared. We all know that it won’t live long with its wings are tied. There are thousands of birds died because of hooking by fishing lines or stuck with plastic wastes in the sea. That is a tragedy.
I followed this bird to the sea, and tried to catch it back to help it, but it tried to swim to the sea. For a moment, I thought I would lose it. The interesting thing is, because its wings were tied, and the wave was strong, it was rushed back to the beach again and again. At the same time, more and more people came close by and help. Finally we got him and clean the fishing line which was tied through its whole wings, and sent it back to the sea. It’s sad to see things like this happen. This bird is lucky to have people who can help around, but what about the others?

Saving a Bird Tied by Fishing Line

The Albatross on Midway Island has become an Icon of the Plastic Pollution Problem.
Plastic is so ubiquitous on Midway that every single albatross on the island will likely die with a stomach full of it. A typical albatross stomach includes “stuff about the size of a cigarette lighter – everything from golf balls to shotgun shells, or chunks of plastic that used to be something bigger,” ac- cording to Bret Wolfe, deputy manager of the Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge. When birds die and decompose, the plastic in their guts remains. “Anywhere you see a big pile of plastic but nothing else,” Wolfe said, “that’s where an albatross died.”

Credit to Chris Jordan

There are 20 species of albatross in the world. Five species of them are considered Endangered animals; three species of them are considered Critically Endangered.
I met Makana, the really cute star albatross in Monterey Bay Aquarium. We missed Makana’s show time, and we could only stay in Monterey for one day, but we were lucky that we could meet Makana’s keeper, Billy. After he knew that I was doing a project about the albatross conservation, he was so kind that he allowed us to see Makana when she had a rest. He told us many interesting stories about Makana, and answered me a lot of questions. Billy also showed us a big glass battle which was full of the plastic wastes from one died albatross’ stomach. It was sad. These birds just starve to death. I was really appreciated of what Billy did for us. Makana was so cute. She singed for us, and showed us the albatross’ special dance. So happy to meet her.

Meet Makana

The albatross is the iconic sea bird in this plastic disaster, so the whole project was developed based on a main character named Noe who is a small albatross. He will show up in our design solutions. The logo mark uses minimalism outline of a seabird as the main part. The scarf shows the courage and determine for the project which is saving all the seabirds from plastic pollution in the ocean. Because our target audience is children, so the typography I choose is friendly with round conners. The whole logo design shows what our brand do, and also matches children’s taste with bright colors and friendly smooth edge.
Visual Identity

Final Logo

Color Palette and Typography System

Children's Book: Noe's Adventure
The first deliverable is a children's book named Noe's Adventure. The story of the children’s book is about the first adventure of Noe to look for his dad. The adventure started with the warm affection between family members, which is the reason why Noe steps on this trip—he misses his dad, and wants to see him again. During the trip, Noe meets challenge, but it is that challenge develops his friendship with a small seagull named Salvo, and leads him to finally find his dad.
The whole adventure is not only about the first trip of Noe which is all on his own, but also a self discovey and develop process of Noe. It is about growth just like what every kid experiences in their life—Love leads them to the adventure of life, and all the challenges shape them to better and stronger warriors, which also bring them friendships as rewards.
The project started with designing the main character, a small albatross named Noe. The iconic feature of the albatross is flying, so the design of the character combined the albatross and pilot. Below is a postcard reference.

Character Design Sketches

Final Character and Concept Art for Children's Book

Children's Book: Noe's Adventure

User Test for Children's Book

Beach Buddy iPad Game
Children can learn about protecting the ocean environment while they are playing the game.
Beach Buddy Foundation Website
A website for Beach Buddy Foundation where parents can donate for the project, and also get to know all the information about Beach Buddy. On the website, parents can also find where they can buy all other Beach Buddy products such as children’s story book and iPad game.
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