Edge of Tomorrow

—The Future of Future For this project, each student in the class writes down a topic they like, and all the topics are mixed together. Then each student accepts the challenge and picks the topic from the box randomly as the concept for their book. Future of Future is the topic I chose. It is a really interesting topic and I feel lucky that I had it. Time is an abstract idea. We all know it is there and it affects us on every level, but we can’t see it and we can barely tell exactly what it is. So in this book I mention some interesting truths and stories about life. Because after all, time to us is a feeling, but not a thing we can see and touch.

Time is the witness to our lives. Time can grow, time can destroy, time can hurt, time can heal, time brings love, time brings hate. Time is something we can’t see or even touch, but it impacts our life in many, many ways.
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