Borders Group

—Visual Identity Redesign For this project, we need to choose a defunct or dying brand, make a plan for a new business direction for the brand based on research and redesign the visual system to express the soul of the brand to build a future. Borders Group was an international retailer of books and music, but faced with the decline in print book sales, the company was forced to close its stores. Before 2010, Borders had 19,500 employees and 511 superstores throughout the US selling books, music and movies.

As technology develops, more and more people are starting to use digital books instead of buying paper books. As one of the biggest paper book stores, Borders Group needs a new direction in order to capture the future market. Borders Group started from a small book store, and as it developed, it also integrated music and movies into a lot of its stores. In early 2004, Borders ran Seattle’s Best cafe operations in its stores. Borders is bookstore based, but through the different elements, the new Borders Group will improve communication among people and help people to achieve better lives.
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